Eats On Drivers

Eats On delivers food in Costa Rica with a dynamic drivers base that work as contractors in the way that Uber manages their drivers. For delivery service, the drivers receive a notification and they can decide if they want to take the order to be delivered. The app will create a route for them to follow through the restaurant pickups and client final delivery.

Using a code handshake provided to restaurants and clients, the driver is allowed to confirm every step in the workflow: order accepted, order picked up, order delivered and notify all parts of the progress. All drivers are visualized real time on an administration panel at Eat’s On offices.

Client         Eats On
Region       Costa Rica
Services    Mobile App Development
Year            2015 – 2018

This is a private app installed only on Eats On Drivers phone, therefore it can’t be downloaded for the public in the App Store. For more details contact us!


  • Sessions administration.
  • Geolocation positioning of food orders and clients and routing between points. One order has one or more restaurants and one client.
  • Order management, keeping control of the state of the order and updating it as the process goes by.
  • Payment reports and calculations about drivers earnings.
  • Cancellation workflows for an abandonment of the order at different stages of the process.
  • Location tracking of driver’s positions.
  • All this information goes to Eats On system to play a part in the larger scheme of the applications ecosystem.


  • Shared data and events across different applications.
  • Live map with several participants and constant updates and alerts. Real-time behavior.
  • Awful mobile network latency in Costa Rica required packages and connection optimization with the mobile app.
  • Orders state machine with variants given the order type.
  • Geolocation optimization and routing for search and delivery.


  • Apache Cordova
  • Phonegap
  • Ruby on Rails 4 (Server Side)
  • Maps features over MapBox services