Eats On App

Eats On facilitates food ordering, be it express, to go, to arrive at a certain time or when you are at the restaurant already. By using an on-demand flexible network of drivers and on-site applications at each restaurant, Eat’s On brings your food to you, on time.

Client         Eats On
Region       Costa Rica
Services    Software Development
Year            2017-2018


  • Customer food ordering with 4 variants: express, pickup, served to table and reservations to arrive and have the food ready.
  • Location-based intelligent filtering of available meals.
  • Track your order and be ready to get your meal.


  • After having built EatsOn Web Platform, the business was very well known, so the goal was to optimize and make every process quicker than the ones existing for the web.
  • Notifying about the status of an order from the server to the app created a heavy event-based application, which we handled using different types of push notifications.
  • Along the same lines, transmitting a high number of events related to the customer’s order position in an efficient way was a complex problem that was solved by implementing data push notifications provided by FCM, which have a high deliverability success rate.


  • Ionic 3
  • Angular 4
  • Ruby on Rails 4 (Server Side)
  • One Signal for Push Notifications