Carey Medical

Carey Medical allows health centers to organize and manage their daily work, going from the administration with finances, reporting and inventory control; patient care with digital appointments scheduling and electronic health record, and follow up with next appointment reminders and newsletters.

Client          Carey Medical
Region       Central America
Services    Brand & Software Development
Year            2013 – Present


  • Inventory management linked to invoicing.
  • Invoicing of products, appointments, and subscriptions.
  • Financial reports.
  • Dynamic Electronic Health Record. Data gathered can be configured from the application.
  • Appointments and Events scheduling.
  • Auto-invoiceable subscription services.
  • Commission assignment to doctors, third parties sending references, and clinics.
  • Pre-registration module allows patients to confirm the entry to the clinics.
  • Different appointment status to control productivity and bottlenecks in clinics.
  • Parallel calendar to visualize multiple doctor’s agendas.
  • Appointments packages to allow clinics to offer more services for a special price.
  • Financial Record at patient level allows clients to have open invoices and the clinic to charge them multiple services in different areas of the clinic, synching to one invoice.


  • Dynamic and responsive javascript-based agenda supports daily, weekly and monthly view, with filters that allow all the information to be easily consumed on a small screen.
  • A multi-tenant system at the database level, allowing all clinics to live under one single cloud server instance.
  • Multiple roles permission scheme. The system allows for customized action level security for administrative personnel, assistants, doctors, and inventory managers.
  • Dynamic Electronic Health Record allows the administrative personnel to build forms for each specialty in the clinic.
  • The application was migrated from Ruby on Rails 3 to Ruby on Rails 4.


  • Ruby on Rails 3, Ruby on Rails 4.
  • PostgreSQL.
  • Sass, Slim, and CoffeeScript.
  • jQuery & Bootstrap.
  • Web Sockets with Action Cable.
  • Queues and delayed jobs with Redis & Sidekiq.