Orbe Platform

ORBE offers medical services at a reduced price for its members and makes it easy to schedule and pay for an appointment with doctors from different medical centers. ORBE customers can add up to 7 beneficiaries to their plan, all of which can access the service.

Several secondary applications exist to support the business, starting with dashboards for administration, support, and points of sale; then a medical record and agenda visualization application provided to the medical centers and a service where other discount providers associated to the ORBE membership can check if a person is an ORBE customer.

Client         Orbe
Region       Costa Rica
Services    Medical Services
Year            2018-Present
Link            https://orbevida.com/


  • Medical services marketplace, including payment, invoicing and scheduling across organizations.
  • Monthly subscription payments with several payment schemas and variations.
  • Medical Centers can handle their medical records, scheduling and invoicing through the Medical Centers web platform.
  • Multiple applications interconnected and deployed in a Virtual Private Cloud in Amazon Web Services. (AWS)


  • Integrations are key. ORBE integrates not only to basic services like payments, invoicing and mailing, but to more than 5 APIs of medical services providers, coordinating the acquisition and scheduling of the appointments through all these external inventories.
  • Extensive multi-level error handling supports the API integrations. When many systems interact, is important to avoid an unstable state of a transaction.
  • Heavy modularization inside of the project itself, through multiple applications connected to a single database, allows ORBE to have flexible deployment schedules without having to touch all the system for changes that are not related.


  • Ruby on Rails 5
  • PostgreSQL
  • Sass, Slim, and CoffeeScript
  • jQuery & Bootstrap
  • Ionic 3
  • Angular 5
  • AWS RDS, EC2, Redis, ElasticSearch.
  • Greenpay payments
  • NABY electronic invoicing
  • Dockerized development environment & CI