Barrio Fut

Barrio Fut facilitates booking courts for soccer matches in Costa Rica, finding players to complete your team, other teams to play against, and coordinating the games. It also empowers tournaments managers so that they can build their tournaments with Barrio Fut teams and control all stats automatically.

Client         Barrio Fut
Region       Costa Rica
Services    Software Development
Year            2015 – Present


  • Sports Complexes listing.
  • Players listing and direct messaging.
  • Teams listing and direct messaging.
  • Courts booking.
  • Tournaments management.


  • Multi-variant tournament structures allow for the generation of complex tournament schedules that are automatically created. For example, a tournament can have a groups phase with a brackets stage for the finals, or a league phase with groups for the finals, etc. Games can be played in one or many fields, with a customizable amount of games and schedules per day, which required a dynamic set of game slots generation to fill with the games of the tournament structure.


  • Ruby on Rails 4.2
  • PostgreSQL
  • Sass, Slim, and CoffeeScript
  • jQuery & Bootstrap