City Knots

City Knots is a web and mobile application that transforms traveling into a tailored experience, via recommendations and constant learning from the user’s profile. It was built around what the user like, saving the traveler a lot of research time before their trip, without removing the sense of surprise we all chase when we wander.

Client         City Knots
Region       Costa Rica
Services    Mobile App Development
Year            2016-Present


  • Recommendations and searched based on user preferences and location.
  • Display of Knots and Strings as groups of experiences.
  • Social behaviors: save, share and send Knots and Strings to other people.
  • Administration panel to create and maintain Knots (things to do) and Strings (lists of Knots).


  • 2 stages Recommender System:
    • We researched the important data points to store to move to a Machine Learning based Recommender System once we have enough data, and put that in place.
    • To start, we built a weighted tags Recommender System, which uses vectors of user preferences to calculate similarity against Knots and Strings.


  • Ruby on Rails 4.
  • Sass, Slim, and CoffeeScript.
  • PostgreSQL.
  • Google Maps.
  • jQuery & Bootstrap.